Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From Durham to Dayton

I finally have the opportunity to continue my fascinating and entertaining account of David and Shylah's big move. Pretend you're interested. :)

The truck was rented and ready, just waiting to be loaded.

Thank goodness for Shylah's dad Don, who worked hard on the loading.

While David's dad did this.

Poor Mackey was a little bit stressed by all the activity.

And Jim and Jon did more of this.

Loading in process.

Annnnd, more of this.

Getting closer.

Everything's out, and ready for the carpet cleaners.

The door is shut.

Which leaves time for this. Of course.

Shylah found this little guy in the back yard.

After the carpet was cleaned and the golf was played, we went to Top O' the Hill for dinner.

I had the jambalaya. It was delicious.

On our way back from the restaurant, I got a text message from Jennifer. Look who she was with! She was in Minnesoooooota doing sheep work, and met up with Tyler for the evening.

I sent her this picture to show them who I was with. We were all wishing we could just be together. Looking forward to doing that in a few weeks!

We also stopped to fill up with gas, and check the tires on Shylah's car.

The boys were causing a bit of a scene.

And Jonathan was busy taking pictures of me for his 'picturesofmomtakingpictures' blog.

Sunday morning was 'driving to Dayton day' but this is how we found Jon when we got there.

Putting the last few things in the truck.

The four vehicles making up our convoy for the trip.

And there's Jim. You know what he's doing. Yes, his computer is on the seat.

All packed and ready to roll.

Smile Mom Jon.

On the road again. This one is for my very near future son-in-law.

Going through Winston-Salem.

The truck, the van, and Pilot Mountain.

A bridge.

West Virginia State Capitol from the other direction.

Another bridge.

We traveled a stretch of two-lane highway in northern West Virginia.

The Silver Memorial Bridge

crossing into


Welcome to your new state, David and Shylah. But please don't call yourselves Buckeyes.

And there's Jon, taking my picture again.

Yay Dayton!

The previous owners left a welcome mat at the front door, with a fleur de lis design!

Home sweet home.

While the guys unloaded the big stuff, I got started on the kitchen.

All done!

We did a little shopping on Monday morning and found some accessories for the bathroom.

They also found a great patio set on sale.

Don is good at multi-tasking. I think he's on the phone while putting a new cover on the electrical box. He is a very handy guy to know!

A new rug for the floor, and a chance to put their feet up.

And as we left them, they were getting the new lawn mower ready for its maiden voyage.

Congratulations and God bless your new home!

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