Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just for Kicks

On Saturday, I woke to a beautiful sunrise and a crisp, cold morning.

Of course it was cold... grandson Matthew had a soccer game!

I enjoy watching youth sports. Here, Matthew handles the ball, while the defenders stop for a little conversation in the background. :)

Now they're getting back in the game. And did I mention it was cold? The players were probably okay, but the spectators were freezing!

In the second half, or quarter, whatever they were playing, Matthew was the goalie. Here he is ready for the action to begin. I am not sure how big they thought the goalie was going to be when they selected this jersey, but I guess it might have helped him stay warm. It was cold, you know.

Here he is throwing the ball after making a save.

The goalie is the only player allowed to pick up the ball during the game.

I love the intensity on his face in this one.

And he throws it again. He made several good saves, and I don't believe the other team scored while he was in the goal. I may be wrong, though, because it was very cold, and I get a little distracted when I'm cold.

Another save! Great job, Matthew!

Here he is looking downfield to see where he wants to throw the ball.

And here he is, giving someone some kind of instructions. Or maybe he's saying, "Granny, you go on home, now. It's cold out here!" And I did. :)

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