Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fallin' for the Hodgepodge

Here it is, Wednesday already, and time for some Hodgepodge. I would like to wish our hostess, Joyce, a very happy birthday. She officially marked the day yesterday, but I think she has enjoyed an extended celebration. Click on the button to pay her a visit and share some birthday week wishes.
Now for the questions, and my answers.

1. What's the best and worst thing thing about growing older?
 Best: Grandchildren.
Worst: my achin' back. Lol.

2.   Autumn arrives this week in the Northern Hemisphere...what one thing do you love most about the fall season?
Um, I think we covered that last week.... football!

3.  Speaking of fall...pumpkin seems to be flavoring everything these days-are you a fan?   What's your favorite pumpkin flavored food or beverage?
I know everyone is all excited over pumpkin spice espresso steamed frappuccino latte grande venti, but I honestly don't understand what all the fuss is about. I don't even understand. Any of it. I don't do coffee.
As far as pumpkin? Meh, it's ok. Not something I crave or go to sleep dreaming about. However, if you offer me pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, I won't turn it down. Looks like cake to me.

4.  Since we're on the subject of fall...what's the worst fall you've ever taken?
In terms of end result, it would be when I was in first grade and broke my arm. It wasn't really a fall, though, since it happened as I landed back in my spot during a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose. Never really liked that game.

5.  If you could own a prop from any film what would you choose?
 These slippers would be nice...

and this outfit, especially the carpet bag and umbrella...

and this in the backyard. 
I took this picture myself, when I was 20, visiting Salzburg, Austria. I had to fight the urge to break into, "I am sixteen, going on seventeen..."
But I guess that wasn't just a prop, now, was it?

6. What's the most interesting word you've read or learned in the past week?
This word came from the VocabDaily app last week. I remember when I first heard this word.  I was a young mom, and we had a pastor who was a gifted speaker. He spoke without notes, and walked around in front of the sanctuary as he delivered his sermon. One of the wise older women in the congregation said to him on one of his first Sundays, "Oh, I see you are a peripatetic." He laughed, and said he hoped she didn't mean he was 'pathetic.' 
She didn't mean he was pathetic at all, she just meant he walked around while he preached. He knew what she meant, and I have always remembered the word.

 7. When was the last time you locked yourself out of your house, car, or office?  Was it a big deal?
We are not careful about locking things around here. And for the most part, car keys are stored in the ignition. I know, I shouldn't be saying that on the internets. Ha!  I waited a long time for a new vehicle, and I really like it. What I don't like about it is when it randomly decides to lock itself while parked in the garage with the keys in the ignition! This is easily remedied by grabbing the spare remote key fob and pushing the button to unlock. However, the last time this happened, the spare remote was not where it was supposed to be. It wasn't anywhere I looked. So we had to call a locksmith. Not a big deal, but we no longer leave the keys in the ignition. Lesson learned.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
My son hit a hole in one last week. Now understand, he plays a lot of golf. A. Lot. Of. Golf. So it was bound to happen eventually. He and his buddy must have been giddy with excitement. So excited, in fact, that this is the only photograph they took. The. Only. One.
I have to think, that those of us of the female gender, and especially moms and bloggers, would have done a much better job of documenting the momentous occasion. 
A photo taking the ball out of the hole. 
A photo from the fairway toward the hole. 
A photo of the cart. 
A photo of the club. 
A photo of the flag. 
A photo holding the ball. 
A photo of the witness. 
A photo of the scorecard. 
A photo of the golf shoes. 
The golf bag. 
The tee.
The divot.      
You get the idea. Oh boys.
Congrats anyway, Jon. We just have to use our imagination!

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