Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Boilers and Birthdays

To celebrate Jim's birthday, we got up early, loaded the car, and headed north to see our Boilers play. This is how the sky looked when I went out to feed PeeWee. Whenever I see a beautiful sunrise, I'm always reminded of the song 'To the Morning' by Dan Fogelberg. One of my favorites.

Before we had even left home, I got a text from Adam asking when we would arrive on campus. He and his buddies were up early for breakfast club dressed as the Jamaican bobsled team from the movie Cool Runnings. He sent me this picture. Pretty creative for college boys.

Breakfast Club is a tradition on the Purdue campus that gets the students up and going on home football game days. They dress in all sorts of creative costumes and get in the game day spirit. Breakfast club does not involve pancakes.

In Adam's case, pancakes, and other delicious breakfast foods, are provided by his parents in the tailgate lot.

You can find us by looking for the black Purdue train flag and the Saints flag.

In addition to pancakes, bacon, and sausage, I also made the peanut butter football dip I found on Pinterest. It was a big hit!

Sure enough, Adam and his boys were right on time, and ready to eat. They received many compliments on their spiffy costumes.

After cooking the breakfast, Jim needed a little nap. I guess it's ok just this once, since it's his birthday. :)

Time to head in for the game! Haleigh was looking cute in her football leggings.

She and Grandpa enjoyed watching the game.

It didn't take long before Haleigh was saying, "touchdown, Boilers!"

Jennifer took this cute one during the game.

The little girls (and their daddy) got a little hot and tired of football (and it wasn't a close game), so they took a little break outside the stadium. Here they are with their pretty mommy.

Jim also decided to head back to the tailgate lot for the second half. Again, it was his birthday. I, however, am usually there 'til the end. I always enjoy the halftime show. The Silver Twins did a little pre-performance ritual. An interesting note, for the first time, there were no identical twins who auditioned for the twirling positions this year, and it was assumed that there would be no Silver Twins on the field for this football season. Breaking with tradition, the director of bands asked Jordan Foster and Alyssa Lyzen to fill the positions. From my seat, I couldn't tell they weren't twins.

The Golden Girl, MerrieBeth Cox.

World's Largest Drum. Boiler Up!

A beautiful day for football.

I like the backs of the Silver Twins' outfits, that say PURDUE.

The official Purdue mascot, the Boilermaker Special, with the Boilermaker X-Tra Special in front.

The team warms up before the second half.

And look who's here to lead "Shout" after the third quarter? One of our favs, Robbie Hummel.

"Come on Boilermaker fans... it's time to SHOUT!"

You know you make me wanna...

And of course, I had to include a photo of Drew Brees. The bobblehead version.

Back at the lot, and ready for round two... juicy burgers.

And a friendly game of cornhole.

Jennifer was teaching Haleigh the rules of the game.

Great toss!

Ella wanted in on the action too.

We sang the birthday song to Jim, and he shared his cupcakes.

Spent some time just relaxin'.

Ella was ready for the picture, but Hay was much too busy with her juice box.

Now she's ready to smile.

Jennifer and Bryan are all smiles, too.

And then it was time for a serious game of cornhole. Jennifer and Adam vs. Jim and Bryan.

I'm not sure what the score was for the cornhole game, but the final score on the football field was Purdue 54, Eastern Michigan 16.Way to go Boilers!

Back at the farm, the sun was just setting as we unloaded the car. A great day for a birthday!
Happy Birthday Jim!

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