Friday, May 10, 2013

Faith in the Fragments

Gathering up some of the photos on my phone (I currently have 2,019), I thought I would review the week with some Friday Fragments. I am linking up at Half-Past Kissin' Time.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I missed my little girls this week since I was busy with jury duty instead of spending our usual Wednesday morning together. These cute photos of Ella are from a week ago Wednesday. She likes Granny's sunglasses.
Last Friday, I took Ruthann for her very first pedicure. We had a lovely, relaxing time at the nail salon.
When our toes were pretty and dry, we ran some errands. Please continue to remember Ruthann in your prayers. She has some upcoming appointments and scans, then will begin a new round of chemotherapy.

When the sun is shining, the farmers are planting fast and furiously. Farmers keep very close watch on the weather, and are always ready to share weather predictions, weather sayings, and weather history. They can actually remember the year it rained, the year it didn't rain, and a every possible variety of combinations. Farming is the definition of faith.

Jim took a step of faith when he signed up for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. With very little training, he picked up his packet on Friday, and picked out a running outfit later that evening.
Also running were our son David, David's friend Nate,
and our son-in-law, Bryan. Jennifer posted this picture after Bryan was finished, while they were still waiting for Jim. I was beginning to get a little worried...
when she sent me this photo, "Here he is!"
I am proud of them for accomplishing their goal and finishing the race. I admire all the runners, and the perseverance it takes to reach the finish line. Jonathan and I list a half-marathon among things that we will never do. Just. Not. Gonna. Happen.

I was happy, however, to join little Miss Ella to celebrate her 2nd birthday later that afternoon.
We also watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening. Matthew looked jaunty in his hat and Grandpa's mini-marathon medal.
Haleigh entertained us by playing the 'rock star.' (Her name for a guitar.)
Jonathan posed with our new and updated Taboo game. One of our favorites. I'm looking forward to some intense games of Taboo at the lake this summer.

Ella Kate had her 2  year old checkup this week, and her mom sent me this cute picture.

On Monday, I went to help Jennifer and Bryan with some painting as they get the room ready for the new baby. They wanted horizontal stripes on one wall, so Bryan and I got busy taping and caulking the wall. All the measuring and taping made Jennifer nervous, so she excused herself to bake cookies. When in doubt, bake cookies!
We had done some research and sought advice for the best way to do the stripes. After taping, I sealed the edge of the tape with paintable latex caulk to prevent the paint from seeping under the tape. We let it dry for about 30 minutes, then Bryan got busy painting the gray stripes.
Bentley and Emma supervised. Hopefully Emma's tongue out doesn't mean she swiped a cookie off the counter!
We pulled the tape off immediately after each stripe was done, and were pleased to see nice crisp lines. Success!
The room is coming together, and of course, we rewarded ourselves with some delicious home-baked cookies. I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished product. (The room, not the cookies.)

On Wednesday, I enjoyed eating my lunch outside on a beautiful day in downtown Indianapolis.
And while we have had more rain than the farmers would like right now, we did enjoy a beautiful rainbow one evening. A reminder that God keeps His promises. Amen.

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