Monday, May 6, 2013

Kicks and Slides

Saturday was granddaughter Ella's birthday, but before we could start the celebration, we had a soccer game to attend, featuring her big brother, Matthew. There is a little play area near the soccer field, so the birthday girl and her sister spent some time on the slides while the soccer players warmed up.
Ella loved climbing up, going over the bridge, and down the slide.
Here she comes!
Followed by big sister, Haleigh.
They had a great time playing while the soccer game got going.

Matthew does a good job playing his assigned position.
He's quick, and gets right in there to handle the ball.
Watching him play soccer reminds me of our years of loading up the van, the chairs, the coolers, the blankets, and the kids for a morning of games. That was after we located shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, and shin guards. Not always the easiest task with a house full of kids.

This picture shows a weird angle of his foot on the ball. I'm pretty sure he stayed on his feet, though.
His adoring fans.
Ella and her mama.
Andrew likes to do tricks with Ella.
She seems to like it, but it makes Granny nervous. Her daddy knows that.
Sweet Ella Kate.
Back to the game, Matthew was pretty intense going after the ball.
And sometimes, you just have to stop to tie your shoe.
Matthew gets ready to kick off. Which, unfortunately, means the other team just scored. Not sure if he is counting his players or giving directions.
He's not the biggest kid on the team, but he's quick and savvy, and understands the game.
And he's not afraid to take the ball away from a girl. :)
Ready for a throw-in.
Jennifer sometimes did a flip when she did a throw-in. She will have to work on that with Matthew.
When the game was over, Haleigh gave them a hand.
And Matthew led the team in the traditional end-of-game handshake. Or hand slap. Good game!

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