Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How Sweet It Is

We had a fun, though chilly, Memorial Day weekend. We had friends, family, kids, and dogs all gathered at the lake house to enjoy some time together. It started off great when Shylah and David delivered these awesome cookies made by Darci to sweeten up the festivities. Beautiful and delicious.
I borrowed the cookie photo from Darci, since I didn't really take my camera out until Saturday night when Andrew got to work grilling the burgers.
After supper, Haleigh tried a cupcake.
I think she liked it!
And who wouldn't? Dark chocolate cake with a Reese's peanut butter cup baked inside, peanut butter icing with another Reese's on top. Also baked by Darci. Yum!
Jon joined us for a little while on Saturday.
Two little girls were up bright and early on Sunday morning.

Gumbo too. Or maybe he's not really up.
Shylah with her brother, Joe, and their dad, Don. I need to speak to them about their team loyalty.
It was a good night for a fire.
David, Courtney, and Jim had a fireside discussion before it started to rain. It did that rather frequently.
David and Shylah's friends Kyle and Kristin were with us too, and brought their itty bitty dogs, Coco and Moda. Here is Shylah, introducing Coco to Jennifer and Bryan's dog, Bentley.
Bentley couldn't quite figure out what that tiny thing was.
Moda stayed safely on Kyle's lap. I think it's pretty much her favorite place.
Ella liked the little dogs. She liked Kristin too. :)
Andrew and Darci were doing some business on their phones.
Poor Bentley couldn't understand what this gate was all about. There are people down there! And dogs to play with!
Don did some bubbles with Ella and Haleigh.

And when there was finally a little window of sunshine, we decided to go for a boat ride.
Darci and Andrew. I think she was Instagramming...

this picture of Ella...
and this picture of Haleigh. (I borrowed them,)
Ahoy matey!

Jennifer and Bryan.
Courtney and Adam.
Ella and Granny
And then this happened. Never a good sign.
We gathered at the front of the boat and yelled suggestions gave moral support.
Good thing we had Don along! He earns his keep when he visits. We managed to limp back to our dock. Good thing, since the rescue we had called for was stuck on the boat lift. I once had someone tell me that the two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat. I'm beginning to understand what that means! :)
We had a full dock on Monday, and some were even brave enough to get in the water. Ted, Evan, and Dara came, and Nana and Boomie, too.
Kristin and Kyle headed back to their home in West Lafayette.
Dara, Courtney, and Adam enjoyed the water.
Joe and Bryan did some floating too.
Hello girls! Don't get too far from the shore now!
Boomie and Nana enjoyed one of the best lake activities, deck sitting. It was a good start to the summer, and we're looking forward to lots more lake time to come.

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