Monday, May 13, 2013

Hail Purdue and the Graduate Too!

Just 4 short years ago, we moved our baby into his dorm at Purdue.
This weekend, we celebrated a completed degree (and a real job!). I must admit, it is a little sad to think about not having a child on the Purdue campus after 12 continuous years.
And honestly, wasn't this just yesterday?

Adam and (most of his) senior fraternity brothers posed for pictures outside the house between graduation sessions. At a school as large as Purdue, there are several divisions of graduations, taking place over three days. The Ag major brothers graduated on Saturday morning, and the Engineering division was in the afternoon. You can see the different tassels in the photo. The maize is for Agriculture, and they are already turned. The orange tassels are Engineering, and that ceremony was still to come.
We took lots of pictures with Adam and his fraternity brothers, his sibs, and various combinations. That means many photos coming up!
Adam with his friend Clark.
Adam poses with Jennifer, David, and Shylah.
Adam and Courtney.
With his friend Jacob.
With his friend Zack.
And the two Engineers, Adam and Kyle.
Adam, Courtney, Steph, and another Kyle.
Adam and Kyle.
Adam and Courtney.
We even got one of Adam and Mom and Dad.
The whole group. Since the graduates are limited on the number of tickets they can request, we had just part of the family attending the graduation.
We took a little break in Adam's room before the ceremony. And if you've never experienced fraternity house rooms, seeing a photo is probably the most comfortable option. Enough said. :)
From our seats high in the top of Elliot, we waited for the ceremony to begin. The glee club and band entertained us while we waited. We think the musicians are quite dedicated to willingly attend all the ceremonies.
The graduation address was given by Mitch Daniels, former Governor of the State of Indiana, and now President of Purdue University. He talked about optimism vs. pessimism with regard to the real world issues facing the graduates, and how just one person - a Boilermaker for example - can make a difference in the world.
We finally saw Adam's name on the screen and heard his name called as he walked across the stage.

And Jennifer caught this photo of him on the big screen. Shortly after that, Adam decided to take his diploma and run, so to speak, and we opted out of the student response and the moment of reflection to get ahead of the crowd. That's one way to get a jump on your competition.
I did request a pause for pictures at the fountain, and we got several of Adam and his graduation support team/ceremony exit alliance. :)

And a photo by the Boilermaker Special. Toot toot, Boiler Up!
The rest of the family joined us for a lovely dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. We even had a visit from Pastor J to extend her congrats to Adam.
Adam received a complimentary dessert in honor of the occasion, and chose this 'mile-high' chocolate cake. He shared.
After dinner, we took a few more photos outside (I know you're surprised), with the whole family. Jon and Ella did some kissin'. Jon says, "Lay one on me."
She can blow kisses, too.

Haleigh and Shylah played a little game of 'ring around the Bryan.'

Adam and Courtney.
A kiss for Uncle Adam.
The five sibling photo.
Showin' some sib love...
reminiscent of this photo, taken at Andrew's graduation. Look at those sweet young faces.
One of the whole group.
And Adam with his very proud parents. Congratulations, Adam! You are a college graduate, but you will always be my baby. I love you!

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