Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great Expectations

On Sunday afternoon, Jennifer was one of the hostesses for a baby shower for her best friend Heather. I  wrote a little about their friendship here, and about Heather's wedding here. They have been friends since kindergarten, and now they are both preparing to welcome their first babies into the world. How does that happen?
I helped Jennifer with the decorations for the shower, which were also favors for the guests. They were little potted petunias in Heather's nursery colors of lavender and green, with a poem about their new little blossom. Yes, Heather and Scott are having a girl!
There were cupcakes,
and cookies,
made by my daughter-in-law, Darci. Time for her to get those business cards printed!!
We also had punch. I love punch. :)

One of the activities for the guests was to write a little note of encouragement on a 'midnight diaper' to give Heather a boost during those bleary-eyed nighttime diaper changes. There were lots of creative notes. My favorite said: 'You can sleep when she goes to PURDUE!' (Maybe I shouldn't tell her that there are just as many sleepless nights during the college years as during the colic years...)
The guests were also invited to make a headband or hair clip for the baby girl.
Little Ellie and her mom especially enjoyed this activity.
Heather received many cute outfits and useful gifts. Books are always good for new moms.
And just like Erin a few weeks ago, Heather received the 'grass' and 'twig' set. So many things we never knew (or imagined) we needed. :)
This is a clever little onesie, but I might suggest some bleach for the right side of the shirt. I think we'll need to teach her to say 'Boiler Up' at an early age. :)
It was fun to see Heather open her gifts,
and Jennifer recorded them on the laptop. Gone are the days of pen and paper!
The guests enjoyed a few more refreshments before heading home.
Heather and her mama stepped outside for a picture after the shower.
We were especially pleased that Katrina was able to make it to the shower all the way from her home in Wisconsin. She and her husband have been living there since they got married a couple of years ago. Jennifer, Katrina and Heather spent time swimming together,
graduating together,
and now.... pregnant together! Katrina shared the happy news that her baby is due in December. How is it possible that our babies are having babies? Such beautiful mamas-to-be!

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