Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Fragments, Floors, and Fun

I have a few fragments to share on this Friday as a way of catching up with some of the photos on my phone. I'm linking up with Friday Fragments at Half-Past Kissin' Time, so click on over and check it out.
Half-Past Kissin' Time

We have been in a bit of a mess transition around here, as we are doing some renovating/remodeling. As I have written before, we are blessed to live in the house built by Jim's grandparents, passed down to his parents, and now to us. The house was built with hardwood floors, some that have been exposed and some that have been covered by carpet for years. The floor in the upstairs hallway has seen some wear and tear over the years, and we recently had it refinished, along with the floor in the large upstairs bedroom. That's before on the left, and after on the right. Doesn't it look great? I also did some painting and rearranging in the bedroom upstairs, and I hope to finish up and share photos soon.
And since one thing leads to another, we decided to do some work in our bedroom, too, which is on the main floor. First thing was stripping old wallpaper. I rented a steamer, and started gettin' gluey with it. As I scraped, I found it was easier to bypass a rag and just wipe the glue from the scraper to my shirt. Whatever works!
With the the wallpaper off, the next part was washing the old glue off the walls. Worst. Job. Ever.  I ended up enlisting some help, and thanks to my husband and favorite son-in-law, the job was completed and I didn't have to have shoulder surgery. Ha. (Emptying the room was a bit of a task, too, and let's just say we won't be using our dining room any time soon.) :)

Wallpaper off, check. Room empty, check. Now to rip up that old shag carpet and get to the hardwood floor!
The floor was in great shape, and I honestly wondered if it needed refinishing at all.
But I love the dark stain.
And I can't wait to get the rest of the room finished! I will be sure to share before/after photos when it's done!
In other fall news, I will be spending Tuesdays with Noah when Jennifer goes back to work in a couple weeks, so we have been 'practicing' our Tuesdays together. :)
We recently checked out the ReStyled Barn Sale in Westfield, and had an enjoyable outing on a beautiful day.
On Wednesdays, I get some time with these little girls who like to show their Halloween cuteness during the month of October.
Noah donned a pumpkin hat so he could join in the fun.
This isn't MY pumpkin, but it's an awesome one. Boo Dat!
I served the girls 'jack-o-pancakes' for breakfast on Wednesday.
And last night, we had these sweet little Trick-or-Treaters come to the door. A smart scientist, a merry mermaid, and a friendly fairy came to brighten what turned out to be a dark and stormy Halloween night.
That's it for the Friday Fragments! Have a great weekend!

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