Friday, January 3, 2014

God Blessed Texas

Happy New Year! With each passing year, it becomes more clear that while the days may be long, the years are short. That is especially true when children are young. As I grow older, time just seems to fly by. Before she died, Jim's mom told me that you're just living your life, and pretty soon, you're 90. What a blessing she was for all the life and love she shared with us.

I wanted to do one more post about our trip to Texas, and what a trip it was! We had to leave at zero dark thirty, and getting everyone up, dressed, and loaded is no small feat. Jennifer and Bryan actually overslept, so we almost had a 'Home Alone' middle of the night morning.

Since it was the day after Christmas, the security lines were busy, but we all made it through and arrived at our gate on time. We knew we had to make a quick connection in Houston, and we mentioned it to everyone we encountered. On the plane, we waited while a mechanical issue was addressed, and left Indy 30 minutes late. That gave me little hope of making our connection, which was only 34 minutes.
Once on the ground in Houston, we sprang into action. Six of us hurried to the next gate, four waited on the gate-checked bags, two went to change a diaper, and I waited in a central location to keep the groups together.
Another family, a mom with her three daughters, joined our group as we rushed through the terminal, onto the tram, and to the next gate. Their little group made 17 of us booked on the same flight out of Houston. We got everyone through, and even waited a few minutes for the pilot, who was clearing customs from his flight in from Mexico. High five Stewarts!

Touching down in College Station, we could see Kyle Field from the airplane.
Welcome to Aggieland!
We checked into our lovely cottage at the Traditions Club, and David made himself at home in front of the TWO flat screen TVs in the living room.
After we decided on who would stay in which room, I noticed this in our bathroom. I guess we made the right choice. Who Dat!
We also had a refreshing welcome gift to greet us. Hmmm those cookies look familiar. :)
Our 'cottage' was a beautiful 4 bedroom house.

Of course, the boys found time for golf.
And spent some time at the 'Chicken' after dinner.
On Friday, the groom and the guys played golf, while the girls did a little College Station shopping. The rehearsal dinner was a Texas barbecue at Caroline and Brian's house. Grandpa Stewart was glad to be there, with 4 out of his 5 children. Carol, Janet, Jim, and Barbara.
Haleigh entertained herself with sticky notes under the desk. Caroline may be finding sticky notes for quite a while!
There were games going on in the garage.
I don't know how to play flippy cup (at least I think that's what they were playing), but it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.

My girls.
Plus me. :)

A view of Kyle Field as we drove by on Saturday morning. It is huge! And see the crane? I think they are adding on! We did not have a Johnny Football sighting though.
Noah had a bath in the kitchen sink.
All ready for the wedding.
I wrote about the wedding here, but I didn't include Brian and Caroline's getaway transportation. They thought they were going in the truck, but were surprised by a horse that pulled up instead.
Of course, Caroline didn't miss a beat, and hopped right on. Brian needed a little help. :) They took a quick pass around the parking lot, then traded in the horse for the truck, Caroline driving. So much fun.
And of course there was a little after-party at the Dixie Chicken. 

Shylah took this one of Adam and Courtney. So cute!
And then Sunday morning, it was all over and we were heading for home. I think our first flight had 22 wedding guests on board. Here we are waiting for bags.
And taking over the departure lounge. Unfortunately, Andrew, Darci, and the kids ended up spending waaayyy too much time there. :( (Flight delays are not fun.)
Noah was a pretty good little traveler.
So long Texas! Yes, God blessed Texas, and God blessed us. Great is Thy Faithfulness!

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