Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow Place Like Home

It's been a snowy weekend here in Decatur County, and those of us who live 'in the country' have found ourselves surrounded by strong winds and snowdrifts.

Friday evening started out nice enough, with a beautiful sunset over the snowy fields. As the sun went down, the wind kicked up, and we were in for a wild, snowy night. It made it clear how someone long ago first described a wind as 'howling.' It was. All night long.
By Saturday morning, much of the yard was covered by deep and interesting snowdrifts. It was unusual to see how the wind had left large drifts in some areas, and bare pavement in others.
The swirling, roaring wind blew the snow into a pile right in the middle of the driveway. Good thing we didn't need to go anywhere!
Our county was on a red warning level travel status, which means to refrain from all travel, and I am happy to comply with that ruling.
Quite a drift there in front of the house.
And you can tell there was still wind blowing while I was out taking the pictures. Brrrr!
Since we were to remain on the red level advisory through 9 a.m. on Sunday, church services were cancelled.
I am thankful for the blessing of heat and electricity, food in the freezer, boys in the house, games to play, nowhere to go, and tractors to clear off the driveway (thanks, Steve!).
I guess I'll need to get my trusty shovel to get the drifts off of the porch! Stay warm, friends!

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