Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's a New Year!

I know we are already 7 days into 2014, but I'm still trying to catch up on posting photos and documenting our Christmas. For some reason, this year, it seemed to get here fast and fly by quickly. Anyone else feel that way?

With our busy, big family, it's hard for us to get organized to take a photo together. We tried one at Thanksgiving, but it wasn't the greatest so I didn't do anything about ordering Christmas cards. (You know I love Christmas cards.)

I knew we would be together in Texas, pressed and dressed for Caroline's wedding, so I hoped we might have a chance to take a picture. We did, and thanks to Kirsten for taking it we were able to get an acceptable one to use for our Christmas New Year greeting. :)
We wish you peace and love in the new year, along with time to slow down, and be present with the ones you love.

So far, in our little corner of the world, the new year has brought snow and bitter cold, sub-zero temperatures. As long as I don't have a plane to catch, I am always content to take snow days literally and stay home. While I have tried to do a few chores, days like this are great for book reading, chili making, football watching, and just staying inside and warm. Most of our precipitation came in the form of rain before the dangerous cold hit, so we weren't even able to go out and build a snowman. :)

Since I'm catching up a bit, I wanted to share a little 'Christmas' post from our gathering, which actually took place on New Year's Day. We shared some gifts, ate some beef tenderloin, and marked the first day of the brand new year. Some were a bit under the weather, but we managed to spend a few hours together. It wasn't perfect, but none of us are. What we are is saved by the grace of a loving God who sent his Son to show us the way to live and love, to fail and forgive, and to give thanks for new mercies each morning.

Matthew was excited about his R2D2 Lego set. I can't wait to see it all put together!
Haleigh, who wasn't feeling that great, was happy to model her new cowboy dress-up outfit.
Ella, who was also feeling a little sick, was all dressed up as a veterinarian.
Matthew liked his Saints robot guy.
Jennifer, Bryan, and Noah.
Grandpa enjoyed watching all the activity.
Adam and Matthew.
David and Shylah.
Jon and Andrew.
Andrew and Darci.
Courtney was sporting her new purple cast, but wasn't keen on having her picture taken.
So I'll include a picture of Adam and Courtney in their cute footie pajamas on Christmas Eve. Aren't they cute?

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