Monday, May 5, 2014

95th Cinco de Mayo

Jim's dad celebrated his 95th birthday today! That's a lot of birthdays!

My brother-in-law, Steve, parked this birthday wagon for all to see outside the assisted living home where John lives. Steve is the master of creative farm implement greetings.
Since his birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo, we thought he should celebrate at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Most of us enjoyed our usual Mexican fare, while Grandpa had a cheeseburger.

After our meal, it was time to bring out the birthday sombrero and fried ice cream.
Flanked by three of his great-granddaughters, he was serenaded by the family and the restaurant staff.
Happy Birthday, dear Grandpa, Happy 95th Birthday to you!


Terri D. said...

What an absolute blessing!! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Joyce said...

So great! I love the creative use of farm implements! Happy Birthday : )