Thursday, May 22, 2014

Follies and Friends 1978 #TBTStories

I spent much of my high school years with three great friends. We became friends in elementary school, but the four of us really came together our freshman year when we were selected to be Follies directors. Follies was a variety type show put on entirely by students in our small town high school. Each of the four classes had four directors who worked with a sponsor to write a script, select music, choreograph dances, design costumes, and cast classmates for the annual show. The four directors stayed the same for all four years of high school. We were a unit. Our shows were legendary (at least in our minds and memories), and I only regret that the fabulous performances took place before the days of video cameras (which actually might be a blessing).

Anyway…Follies deserves a post (or two) of its own, but the photos I share today are of four special friends that lived our high school days together. We were athletes (well I wasn't) and scholars, a cheerleader, singers, band members and boosters. We lived the ups and downs of high school together, laughing a lot, crying a little, and forging a connection that would hold through the years ahead.

Our class sponsor was Miss Hoffman, and she did her best to keep us on task during late night writing sessions, stressful scenery painting, and rowdy rehearsals with senior boys dancing in diapers. The photo on the steps to the light booth became a tradition, and in this one, we're wearing our super cool personalized senior shirts. (In those days, it wasn't customary to have a t-shirt printed for every event, so these were special.)
Miss Hoffman is retired now, just celebrated her birthday, and is currently recovering from heart surgery. We send our prayers for a speedy recovery.

We took this photo last summer, which is a close replica of the stairway shot, minus Miss Hoffman. Amy and Ann ended up in the same position, while Jan and I swapped spots. 

And just for fun, a side by side look. We haven't changed a bit. Lol.
I give thanks for the blessing of these girls, 
and the friendship that has endured over time and distance 
and the seasons of life.

 "Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call
and I'll be there, yes I will
you've got a friend."

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Cathy said...

Sweet post! Great memories.

Traci said...

It was so cool that you were able to meet back up and recreate that picture.
Thanks for sharing.

Terri D. said...

"Old" friends are just the best friends! I picked you out immediately - you haven't changed! What fun that you are still seeing each other.