Monday, May 5, 2014

E is 3

We celebrated Ella's birthday on Saturday evening, with a little Princess Belle and a little Kentucky Derby as the theme.

She was ready at the table, and asked me to turn centerpiece Belle around so she could look at her.
There's Belle watching the birthday girl.
Ella's mommy made awesome Belle cookies,
and Derby cookies celebrating that E is 3!
Her special cupcake.
A hug for Uncle Adam.
Ready to sing!
Happy Birthday, dear Ella,
Happy Birthday to you!
Blow out your candle.
Her daddy helped with the paper...
and she knows how to eat it.
Yummy icing!
We turned Belle around to get a look at the other side of the room.
Haleigh helped her 'read' her cards.
An Audrey Bunny book for Ella, who has her own special bunny that sleeps with her. The book is written by one of our cruise 'friends', Angie Smith, who signed it for Ella.
And just because three-year-olds like to be silly, she tried out Baby Noah's exersaucer. Silly girl!

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Terri D. said...

Oh what fun you all had, and the cookies are adorable! That took a lot of time to do!

Ella is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing her special day with us.