Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Fragments

I thought I would do a little Friday recap of the week that was. I have not been my usual annoying persistent photographer self lately, so I missed some photo ops but kept the memories.

Memorial Day weekend started at Big Woods, with Courtney (complete with her classroom tattoo) and Adam,
and David and Shylah. Adam's friend Kyle P was there also.
On Saturday morning, the crew was up early to complete a few little chores around the lake. David mowed grass, Shylah, Kyle P, and Courtney cleaned boats, and Adam pressure washed the dock and boat covers. Jim worked on leaves, and I swept the decks. Yay! Many hands make light work!

More guests arrived, including Jennifer and Noah, Dave, Jamalyn, Margaret, and Nathan, with Sister Claudette who was visiting from Haiti. Can you believe I didn't get a photo? Fail.

Adam and Courtney modeled the tanks they got for everyone for Christmas. 'Team Sweetwater' on the front and special nicknames on the back. So fun!
Chellsey, and Kyle and Kristen, arrived on Saturday night, along with Moda and Coco the chihuahuas, and a bushel of strawberries.

On Sunday morning, Jim and I went back to Greensburg to attend the farewell service for Rev. Greg. This beautiful banner, made by Judy Glore, was presented to the church during the service.

Sunday evening dinner on the deck, along with hair braiding.

Later, they lit the pile left from the Saturday morning cleanup. Is that safe? Leaves on fire!
Notice Jim checking his phone. Can't see the fire for the phone. Lol

On Monday, Jennifer, Bryan, and Noah came, and Darci, Matthew, Haleigh, and Ella. 

Ella had fun playing with friend Chellsey in the little pool on the dock.

Kyle P and Haleigh enjoyed the water mat while Matthew took aim with the water cannon.

 I think 'Shy so Fly' and 'Jon (Golfs) Daly' took a hit.

Nana and Boomie joined us on Monday, too, and we grilled some burgers and went for a boat ride, Noah's first. And, again, no pictures.

The troops headed out, in shifts, on Monday, and Jim and I got back to Greensburg in time for me to head for Westfield for my GrannyDay on Tuesday with Noah. We spent the day playing and napping after our very busy weekend.

On Wednesday, I had another GrannyDay, this time with Haleigh and Ella. I cooked up a little pink play dough, and they had a good time making pink 'cookies' and pink 'snowmen'.

Thursday was Matthew's Science Club rocket launch. I'm a veteran of 4th grade rocket launches, and it is always a fun day for the kids. Unfortunately, I was waiting (waiting, waiting, waiting) for the dishwasher repairman, and didn't get there to see it. Fortunately, Darci sent me some photos. 

According to the report, his rocket went really high, and ended up way over by Montgomery Road.

This morning, I added a little wrought iron fence to my New Orleans themed bathroom. Making progress! (Finally!) Now, I just need a shower curtain. Joyce? Hello? :)

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Mrs4444 said...

Your Big Woods look like paradise; what a wonderful investment for your beautiful family.

What?! You slacked on pics? Hardly! Thanks for linking up!!For future reference, I put FF up on Thursday nights at 9pm Central time; join in any time!

Terri D. said...

A very fun post. Your place at the lake is wonderful and I know the memories made there will last a lifetime. Great family!

Doreen McGettigan said...

That banner is beautiful.
What a lovely Memorial Day and family.
My husband and grandsons love building big fires. I get nervous when they run out of wood, thinking they will start using the deck.
I hope your dishwasher was finally repaired.