Sunday, May 18, 2014


Last weekend my sister-in-law, Cheryl, celebrated her 40th birthday. It was a great party, complete with the Pat McGee Band playing for the guests right there in the basement. They were great, and you can learn about the band here. Tell them my brother Ted sent you. :)

Speaking of my brother Ted, he did a great job making sure it was a very special celebration for Cheryl.
The party included a screening of this sweet and thoughtful video that he created, featuring appearances by family and friends sending their love on Cheryl's special day.
And because we were all there together, a sibs photo:

Sibs and spouses:
Sibs and spouses with Boomie and Nana:
Sibs, spouses, parents and grandparents:

Hope it was a great birthday, Cheryl! We love you!


Joyce said...

Looks like fun! 40 was fabulous : )

Terri D. said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos! You have a very special and beautiful family!