Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lakin' It Up

We spent a nice weekend at the lake with Andrew, Darci and the kids, and their (and our) friends from Louisville. Of course, Gumbo always gets to go along to the lake. Everybody loves Gumbo.
Ella relaxed in the deck chair with the footstool.
Darci and Shelly did some early morning yoga on the dock.
Haleigh loves her dolphin, and needed to sit beside her to keep her safe. I think she calls it Tweeter.
Makenna in the water.
Makenna, Abbi, and Matthew hammin' it up on the dock.
The three big kids were peacefully playing on the Watermat when Matt decided to shake things up a bit. The kids huddled to make their plan.
If the plan was for them to end up in the water, then I think it worked. Abbi down!
Makenna down!
And Matthew down!
Eventually, Matt went down too.
But I think it was his choice. :)
Next up, rope swingin'. Ella and I found  nice spot to watch the action.
Abbi away!
Flyin' Matthew.
I like Makenna's style.
The neighbors' dog, Jericho, has a log that he just loves. He can actually play fetch himself.
He nudges the log into the water,
and goes after it. Splashdown!
Heading out for a little tubing.
Haleigh prefers to wait for a ride on the 'slow boat.'
Pirate Andrew. Arrrrrrggghhh!
My silly attempt at a pontoon boat selfie.
We were cruisin' to Disney tunes, and Makenna was feeling the music.
Let it go… let it go…!
The kids.
The Leach family.
The Stewarts.
The Disney cruise winding down.
Sunday cleared off enough for some jumping off the high dock across the lake. Makenna goes off the railing.
Great form!
Abbi's turn. She's up...
and she's off!
There's always something to check on the iPhone.
Matthew and Haleigh stayed at the lake with me on Sunday night, and had time to try out the new Sands Alive. It was lots of fun.
See ya next weekend, Sweetwater!

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Terri D. said...

What fun!! I have lots of lake memories from my childhood. Those kids are so blessed!!