Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Birthday for Jonathan #TBTStories

My Throwback Thursday Stories post today is in honor of the upcoming birthday of Jonathan, who will be 27 (can that be right??) on Saturday.

Jonathan is the fourth of our five children, and likes to say that he was lost in the middle, with no attention, no new clothes, and never a party to celebrate his birth. :) He's teasing, I think. But just in case he needs some help remembering, I'm sharing proof that he did, indeed have a birthday party (or two!).

A wise woman once told me to 'start out as you mean to end.' With this in mind, I was careful not to plan extravagant birthday parties from the start. We always celebrated with family, of course, and with our family, that was a crowd in itself. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins made every birthday special.

For their 6th birthday, we had a party with friends, invitations, and party favors. I kept it simple: 6 years old, 6 friends.

Jonathan did, indeed, have a special 6th birthday party, and a June birthday allowed for a pool party at Nana's. There he is, with a big missing-a-tooth smile, celebrating with his best buddies Wesley, Natalie, and Caroline (a couple others were cut out of the picture). They had personalized favor buckets and visors in keeping with the pool party theme.
Nana made the fish cakes, swimming along with 6 candles ready to be blown out. Happy Birthday, dear Jonathan, Happy Birthday to you!
There was even a second party for family, this time with a barnyard cake by his mom. :) Different cake, same missing-a-tooth smile. Same sweet six-year-old boy. I can't believe it was 21 years ago.
Happy Birthday, dear Jonathan, 
Happy Birthday (on Saturday) to you!

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Terri D. said...

What a cutie - and he still is!! I enjoyed your walk down memory lane. He did, indeed, have some awesome celebrations!! :)