Monday, July 7, 2014

Andrew is 30!

Our Andrew is celebrating a big birthday today, his 30th! He always liked to say that his birthday is the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year after 1977. That's a lot of 7s! He wore jersey number 17 for high school football, and his basketball jersey number was 52 (5+2=7, of course). Seven is his number.

Soooo, I thought I would share 7 photos in honor of his birthday today.

1.  Andrew is a smart guy, as evidenced by this photo of him wearing sunglasses and reading the Bible at a very early age.
2.  He is a fashion trend setter, and a talented dancer, shown here wearing pajamas and tap shoes. (Don't even ask about the actual tap lessons.)
3.  He liked to get dirty, still does sometimes, but always finds his way out of a mess.
4.  He learned that some messes smell better than others.

5.  He was and is quite independent, and could pour his own Cheerios, thank you very much. And food was always a priority. 
6.  Like most all of the Stewarts, he was/is a very good sleeper. Sometimes eating just wears a guy out.
7.  He has always been a tractor guy, shown on the left with Uncle Gilman and his 1935 John Deere tractor. That same tractor now belongs to Andrew, and he shares his tractor love with his children. (And I know that this is actually two photos, but I can make my own rules.) :)
Happy 30th birthday to my second born, smart, sweet, stubborn, 
independent, intelligent, industrious, 
fabulous, farm boy, fun-loving son. 
I love you and I'm proud of you.
Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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