Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July Fun

We had a busy 4th of July weekend, starting on Thursday when Janet and I took Riley, Matthew, and Carter to spend a day at the lake together. There was lots of swimming, jumping, watermat wrestling, game playing, snacking, boy talking, and even a little tubing.
It had been a while since I'd been out on the boat for a tubing run, and I quickly remembered why. I. don't. enjoy. it. AT. ALL. I'm way too nervous about the tubers, the wake, the boat bouncing, the turning, the leaning, and the possibility of getting sprayed by water. Or a beverage. (The least of my worries, actually, but it happens.) :) 

The boys, however, loved it. They loved going really fast, catching air, and going side to side over the wake. I mostly kept my eyes closed. I managed to get a couple of pictures (when I wasn't hanging on for dear life), but it was definitely during the tamer portions of the run.
Back in the cove, Riley gives me a thumbs up.

The boys had a really fun day together, without a fuss or a cross word. We are thankful for the opportunity for them to make special memories.
On Friday morning, I made the traditional flag dessert. I started making a cake version back when I was in high school, and it has evolved to a fruit pizza with cream cheese frosting and a flag design. Yum!

Noah spent some time snoozing in the swing.
Adam was quite patriotic in his stars and stripes hat and old glory swim trunks. Yay, America!
Jim played a little flippy cup (whatever that is), and Jonathan recorded the moment on Instagram.

We were happy to have Courtney's parents join us for supper on Friday, but I didn't get any pictures since I was busy getting food ready and other hostessing affairs. Of course, there was a little wedding talk that slipped into the conversation. We are all looking forward to Adam and Courtney's big day, on March 21!

After supper, we took a cruise on the pontoon (much more my speed). We had a full boat, and I squeezed into the seat with Captain Jim. Jamalyn grabbed my phone to take a picture, even though she had a hard time stomaching my (David's) Carolina sweatshirt.
I started around the boat to document everyone on board.
David, Shylah, and Mackey.
Bryan and Kyle. (Jennifer and Noah were back at the house since it was past his bedtime.)
Nathan and Dave.
It was at this point, when I moved to the front of the boat, that Jamalyn decided she should be in every picture. Here she is with Jon and Stew, better known as Jonathan Michael Stewart Smith. (They have overlapping names, you know.) It took a few tries, but I finally got Jon smiling. :)
Courtney, Adam, and Jamalyn.
Jamalyn, Chellsey, Charlie.
Jamalyn and Margaret.
She came back to be in a picture with us, and we got a great photo bomb from Nathan and Dave.
Kyle, David, Shylah, and Jamalyn.
And one at the back of the boat with Nathan, Dave, Jamalyn, Bryan, and Kyle.
We saw some fireworks,
and enjoyed some boat-ride conversation as the sun set over Sweetwater.

On Saturday, Dave had a wedding to officiate, Jennifer had a wedding to photograph, and Jim and I had a wedding to attend. 'Tis the season!

As we were leaving for our wedding, I snapped this one of Jamalyn and the kids on the watermat. Everyone loves the watermat!
Later, Bryan and Noah got ready for a boat ride in their matching stripes. Ahoy, matey!

In the busyness of the weekend, I realized I didn't have a photo of Jennifer. So after my 'Tuesday with Noah' I got one of her with that sweet little one when she got home from work.

Noah was doing a little crawling in the grass.
 And a little 'just looking cute' too! #noahjames #grannytime #blessed

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Terri D. said...

Susan! Great photos or your wonderful family. What a wonderful place to make so many special memories.