Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blue Clear Hodgepodge

It's Wednesday again, and time for another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I am thankful to Joyce for faithfully providing questions so that we have something to blog about on these hot summer days. In fact, I'm thankful for the Hodgepodge all year long. She makes us think, and challenges us to use our words to give our faithful followers a glimpse of who we are. Thanks Joyce! Be sure to click on the button to pay her a visit, then hop around to see what the others have to say. Be sure to leave some comment love!
Here are her questions and my answers:
1. When I look at the sky I feel________________________________________.

In awe of the grandeur of God's magnificent creation. Takes my breath away.

2. If you had to run for political office, which one would you run for? Do you have any real desire to actually do this?

Not. At. All.

3. What scent makes you think of home?

It depends which 'home' I'm thinking about. In my childhood home, my mom had a preschool in our converted attached garage. There were smells of crayons, paint, and magic markers out there that may be part of what led me to become a teacher. I recently saw a post on Facebook about someone who noticed that no matter how long ago one graduated, the high school still smells the same. I know this is true, since my children all graduated from my (and Jim's) high school.
The home we made together, Jim and I, smelled alternately like chlorine, sweaty socks, muck boots, and the occasional (ok for several years, frequent) dirty diaper. All of those smells evoke fond memories of by-gone days. Living in the country, which is home for us, produces a myriad of fragrances, from new mown hay, manure being spread, and corn drying. I love those special smell-induced memories that send us swiftly back in time, and lead us home.

4. How often do you take a step back to think about where you're headed in life? Do you need more or less self-reflection?

My life has taken a path that I pretty much expected: teacher, wife, mother, granny. I spent many years just hanging on for dear life, without much time for reflection. And I loved every minute of it. Now that I'm older (ahem), I do enjoy taking that occasional trip down memory lane, stopping to give thanks for both the mountains and valleys, and trying to implement the lessons I have learned in that great big classroom called life.

5. July is National Ice Cream Month...besides a cone, what's your favorite food item to top with ice cream?

Chocolate Chip Cake. It is a recipe shared with my mother-in-law years ago by one of her college besties, Joyce. It has become a family favorite for birthdays and special occasions, and it's awesome with a dip (or two) of ice cream. Mmmmm. You can check out the recipe here.

6. What might your autobiography be called?
Livin' on a Prayer.

7. Your least favorite mode of transportation? Why?

I don't really enjoy traveling by motorcycle. Because, well, dangerous. The last time I rode one was 2 years ago in Haiti, where the young guys are eager to give you a ride up the hill mountain for a couple of dollars. I don't have any photos of me on the motorcycles, obviously, but you get the idea. You hop on, hang on for dear life, and hope your friend who speaks Kreyol has told him that you're scared.
Because the roads? Dirt, rocks, ruts, cliffs! And often there are two or three riders behind the driver. When you're going up, you are hanging on around his waist so you don't fall off the back. When you're going down, you're holding on to the back of the bike so you don't smash him. Unless you're in the middle. Being smashed. Oh, and did I mention I was wearing a skirt? Yes, yes I was. On the up side, it did save miles and miles of hiking. Uphill. :)

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I listened to this new song by Reba, that was posted by a friend on Facebook, and I thought I would share it. Reba has always been one of my favorites. Sincere, down-to-earth, country, but can still be fancy when she wants to be. We saw her a few years ago in Indy when she opened for George Strait. Now that's a show!

If you're like me, this tune will be running through your mind on repeat. Maybe if we all join together in prayer, we can bring peace to a hurting world. Amen.


Joyce said...

I love your book title! I might try making that cake for my daughter's birthday. She is my choco-holic and that looks right up her alley. Course I'd have to taste it too, qc and all that : )

Cranberry Morning said...

I learned in Bolivia that you don't let them know you're scared. Otherwise, they'll give you the [near death experience] ride of your life! LOL What a cake!

Cathy said...

Awe...that was a good word to choose when looking at the sky. Love your gorgeous pictures. Definitely puts you in awe.

I love Reba. Thanks for sharing her new song. I had never heard it, but I don't think I'll forget it now. :)

Terri D. said...

We do need to be praying for peace! I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge!