Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zoo Day Tuesday

Tuesday turned into zoo day when Darci asked Noah and me to meet them at the Indy Zoo. It was a beautiful (cool for July) day, and we weren't the only ones who decided that a trip to the zoo was a good idea just before school starts. (Next week here in the 'burg.)

Haleigh and Ella are always thrilled to see 'Baby Noah.'
We saw giraffes and hippos, crossed the jumping bridge, and saw elephants and the baby warthogs. We saw sleeping lions and cheetahs, then took a little break to have some lunch.

After lunch we got in line to ride the SkyRide over the Orangutan Center. What was estimated to be a 30 minute wait turned into about an hour, just as the sun came out and the day heated up. Noah kept himself occupied by walking along the divider fence between the lines.
Well hello there, Noah!
They only allow 4 riders per car, so Noah and Ella came with me, and Darci and Haleigh rode together in the next one.
We tried a few selfies. :)
It was a nice slow ride, and soon we spotted one of the orangutans climbing the ropes in the distance.
Maybe it was Rocky? He's the youngest of the 8 orangutans at the zoo. After our SkyRide, we went inside the exhibit to see what the rest of them were up to. It was crowded in there, but we did get one orangutan to pass right by our window. Little Noah was not too sure about that!
The girls wanted to get their faces painted, so we stopped for a little break while they got all decorated.
Haleigh was first, with the pink heart design.

Ella was next,
and she wanted a dolphin.
Noah just wanted his bottle. Such a big boy!
The girls posed for some pictures with their pretty painted faces.

Noah did his own kind of posing. Ah, the life of a baby.
We had a nice day, and Darci and the girls headed south, while Noah and I headed back north to his house. As we arrived home, he was clapping his hands in recognition of a fun day at the zoo. :)

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Precious, precious memories!!