Thursday, July 31, 2014

'Twas the Night Before School Starts #TBTStories

School is getting ready to start here in our little town, and it makes me think of all those fun back-to-school activities we enjoyed for so many years: shopping for school supplies, paying all that book rental, meeting new teachers, and getting ourselves back on an early-to-bed early-to-rise schedule. :)

One year, we decided to have a campout on our last night before school. Not the night before school started, but the night before the night before. Got it? We packed up all our camping gear (a tent), and trekked over behind the barn to set up our campsite. (We were/are not campers, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Here are the kids, roasting their hot dogs for our supper. Jennifer's all ready in her fancy jammies.
Little Adam must have been wearing his brother's shirt. Whatever worked. We 'cooked' our supper over the fire, and, of course, roasted marshmallows for dessert.
Here's a photo of yours truly in front of our luxurious accommodations. Seven people, one tent. If memory serves me correctly, I graciously agreed to give up my spot in the tent so it would be less crowded. And I am really quite fond of my bed. And sheets. And air conditioning. :)
Everyone survived, and Jim always liked to say he slept like a rock. Or was it on a rock? I think there's a coffee commercial with a similar line. 
Happy 'last day before school starts' to all, and to all a good night!

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Terri D. said...

What a fun thing to do for the kids! I always liked school, so the first day of school was never a dreadful thing for me. We didn't have camp-outs, though! Excellent!