Friday, July 17, 2015


I am behind on my blogging, so I'm glad to have a day to spend some time catching up. The blog serves as a scrapbook of sorts, and we have made some memories I don't want to forget. (That happens when you get old, you know.)

The 4th of July is celebrated in our little town with a parade, originally created for neighborhood kids to keep them away from dangerous fireworks. The parade has continued and grown through the years, but  kids are still the focus. Jim and I were already at the lake, but these three were decked out an ready to ride in the parade.
and Ella rode with their parents and some friends on the gator, or as the girls call it, the alligator.

Meanwhile at the lake, Bryan, Jennifer, Noah, and Piper arrived.
Courtney and Piper showing their patriotic spirit.
I made the traditional flag fruit pizza. I've been making a variation of this treat since I was in high school.
Darci made some delicious treats, of course, like this beautiful cookie flag.

In addition to celebrating America, we were also celebrating Nana. She's not as old as America, but she was celebrating a big birthday… just don't mention the number!
I used some photos from through the years to decorate at the lake.

Happy Birthday Nana!
They day was spent on the water...
on the tube...
 on the boat...

and on the deck.
Jim and Gumbo.
Adam and Courtney.
 Grandpa reading a story.
Our friends Kyle and Kristin brought almost 3 week old Alaina for her first trip to Sweetwater.
Thanks to Jennifer for the next group of photos.
 Bryan and Piper.
 Nana, Piper, and Haleigh.
 Haleigh, Noah, and Ella.
To celebrate Nana, we had a couple special gifts for her. David introduced t-shirts we had printed for our trip to Cayman next March.
Cayman is known for turtles, and because of Nana's love for Cayman, she has been collecting turtles for years.
The shirt is a turtle design with all our names on it, including the previously not known name of David and Shylah's baby boy.
They thought the t-shirt would be a fun way to reveal his name.
Everyone was so excited!
Nana read all the names on the shirt, finally coming to 'Cayden', who is due to be born in early September. So much fun!!
Next, my brother, Ted, had a poem he had written, entitled "Eight Decades of Jere'."
Nana has always been a poem-writer, so when we were planning her birthday celebration, I jokingly told Ted he was in charge of the poem.
He took the task seriously, and knocked it out of the park with a clever and memorable poem.

Haleigh immediately put her t-shirt on while she listened to the poem. I think she's anxious for the beach!

It was a sweet and touching poem, celebrating our Mom and Nana. She has taught us to be resourceful, generous, faithful, creative, and how to write a pretty darn good poem. :)
(Photos above by Jennifer Davis Photography)

Of course, we had cake. And candles.

Some of the family headed home, and the rest of us boarded the pontoon for an evening cruise.
Kristin and Kyle took Baby Alaina on her first boat ride.
 Matthew helped Grandpa pilot the boat.
 Big Jon with silly girls Haleigh and Ella.
 Shylah and David.
 Darci and Andrew.
There was even some dancing.
And we passed Courtney and Adam in the kayaks. Look carefully, and you'll see Mackey App on the back.
He was enjoying his ride.
 Meanwhile, Mackey Stew stayed on the pontoon.
It was a great day celebrating our special Mom and Nana.
(Photo circa 1970ish)

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