Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lookin' for Rileybrook Hall

I posted about celebrating my mom's birthday on the 4th of July with the family at the lake. Her actual birthday was July 8, so my brothers and I planned a special dinner for her that evening. One of her favorite places for dinner (or lunch) is Rileybrook Hall.

Rileybrook is located somewhere in the hills and hollers of rural Franklin County. The proprietors, Tom and Rob, serve dinner on Saturdays and lunch during the week. There are no menus, so guests eat whatever is being served on that day. They serve by reservation only, and sometimes, the first person making a reservation has the opportunity to select the entree of the day.

On my mom's first trip to Rileybrook, many years ago, we were making our way slowly through the curves and across the creeks, as if we were lost (we were). Shortly, a pickup truck pulled up beside us, took one look at the passengers in the car, and said, "I'll bet you ladies are lookin' for Rileybrook Hall." Why yes, yes we are. How did you know? :)

My mom has been back many times since then for lunches and dinners with friends and family. Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday, and I knew they only serve dinner on Saturdays, I wasn't sure it would be an option for us to have the celebration at Rileybrook. However, when I called and inquired if it would be possible for a special birthday, Rob quickly answered, "For Jere' we will." Of course they will.
It was an overcast evening, and as we approached the house we noticed something on the chimney.
One of the resident peacocks, enjoying the view.
Inside, they had the fire going, and we enjoyed looking at all the interesting items displayed in their home.

They have been featured in the Indy Star, and several other publications over the years.
The dog, Shiloh, exuberantly (sometimes a little too much so) greets the guests, until she settles down for a little nap during dinner.
Rob is the chef, and he was busy preparing the meal through that door, in their kitchen.
Once Ted and Cheryl (who had a bit of trouble navigating Duck Creek Road) arrived with the wine (Rileybrook does not have a liquor license, so guests are invited to bring their own), we were seated at the table for dinner.
I didn't photograph every course, but Rob serves and describes the soup, then the salad, and serves a palate cleanser before the main course. Everything was delicious!
The main course was chicken, with broccoli and their signature Rileybrook potatoes. Yum!
For dessert, they serve one of my favorites, bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Double yum!
 Of course, Jere's was served with a candle, and Tom led the singing.
 Happy Birthday, dear Jere', Happy Birthday to you!
 My dad took a to-go box, to enjoy later.
Tom and Rob, our gracious hosts.
Mom and Dad posed with Tom and Rob, who, after so many visits, have become their friends.
We got together for a family group photo on the stairs after dinner.
Jim, Susan, Jim, Jere', Michael, Jenny, Ted, and Cheryl.
It was a delicious meal, and fun to take Mom to a place she has enjoyed so much over the years.
This is the last stanza of the poem (mentioned in my previous post) that Ted wrote, to sum up the celebration:

So please accept this special birthday rhyme,
You simply don't turn 80 all of the time.
So we brought you to this restaurant that you love through and through,
To wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (wait for it)… 'tis true!

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!
We love you!


Terri D said...

You always document special times so well! A lovely place and lots of good memories made!

Lea said...

What a lovely place to celebrate a birthday and looked like a delicious meal. Wish we lived nearby and could have the experience. Enjoyable post!