Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fair Weather

This summer will be remembered for a record amount of rainfall. More importantly (at least to me) is another successful county fair recorded in our memories.

The Decatur County 4-H Fair has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. I loved hanging out in the barns, watching the show ring, riding some rides, and tasting all the delicious foods that are available only once a year. Much remains the same about the fair, but the exhibitors come and go as kids grow, show, and, eventually, watch proudly from the stands as parents and grandparents.

My favorite exhibitor this year, was, of course, grandson Matthew. He has worked hard with his steer 'Cooper', and they were ready to go on show day. Don't they (both) look handsome?
Matthew did a great job with Cooper in the show ring, and as the only Hereford steer entry, was awarded Grand Champion Hereford Steer.
Showmanship came next, when the judge pays careful attention to the exhibitor, and how he or she handles, sets up, and presents the animal. It's hard work to keep your eye on the judge while making sure your steer is standing square, holding his head up, and navigating safely around the show ring. Matthew was named Grand Champion of Beginner Showmanship. Way to go, Matthew! We are so proud of you! (In case you can't tell, Copper is quite a bit larger than Matthew.) Lol.
After the show, there was some ice cream eating...
fairgrounds walking… (heading to the horse barn, not the port-a-potty, ha!)
tractor sitting...
stroller smiling...
and a quick break back at the show box before Aunt Fer headed home. Noah and Piper spent the night with Granny and Grandpa for Piper's first night away from her mama and daddy. We did fine. :)
Jennifer came back to spend some time riding rides on Wednesday afternoon. First up, everyone's favorite (well, mine anyway) the merry-go-round. Grandpa is usually the one to take the littles on the merry-go-round, but, unfortunately, he was at the lakehouse tending the generator until the electricity came back on (after 4 days without).
Jennifer, Ella, and Noah rode in 'Leo' the Surfer Dude van.
Haleigh wanted a van to herself.
Later in the evening, we purchased one more sheet of tickets so the girls could ride "all the rides."
Ready for the jumpin' frogs...
all the way to the top!
Granny even rode the Ferris Wheel and the Jungle Twist. Yay.
We finished up with their second trip down the Fun Slide. And I quote, "That was so fun!!"
Another fair is in the books, complete with tired kids, great memories, and sweet dreams of blue ribbons, fish sandwiches, and plans for next year.


Linda Kay said...

So much fun to go to a fair. In Texas groups of people make contributions toward buying these steers to help the kids with college money.

Terri D said...

Congratulations to Matthew!! That is really wonderful! What fun everyone had at the fair!! I love all the smiling faces!