Monday, July 20, 2015

Fireworks and Showers

The fireworks at the lake are always the week after the 4th of July, and it's a great show over the water. Since we had a big group on the 4th, we were expecting a much smaller crowd for fireworks weekend. It was another rainy day, as we drove to the lake with these cuties. And Gumbo, too, of course. We were able to take the girls with us while their parents (mostly their mommy) got ready to attend a wedding. And by getting ready, I mean Darci made cupcakes, cookies, and a cake for the wedding guests. That's a lot of baking! I know they were beautiful and delicious.
In the meantime, David, Shylah, Jim, and I took the girls out for pizza at Big Woods in Nashville. We had a great meal, tried some new beer (adults and non-pregnant ones, of course), and the girls and I ended with a walk around the block on the way to the car. Which just happened to go through the ice cream shop!
On our way out of the pizza restaurant, I enjoyed this little 'poem':
Haleigh stopped to pose beside this guy, but Ella wanted no part of it.
Back at the lake on Saturday, Uncle David gave the girls some 'swimming lessons'. Of course, they thought he was just playing with them. Haleigh is getting good at jumping into the water.
Ella is a little more cautious, but she eventually did it! Yay, Ella!
By evening, everyone was excited to jump on the pontoon and head toward the beach to watch the fireworks.
Lots and lots of boats on the water, and lots and lots of smiles.
Next year, Cayden can clap for the fireworks. :)
Captain Jim likes to walk around while he 'drives' the boat. Pay attention, Jim!
There they are!
Ella snuggled up with Aunt Shylah and didn't see much of the fireworks.
After a while, Uncle David gave Shylah some relief from holding a sleeping 4 year old, and by the time we got back to our dock, both girls were sound asleep. They were carried up to bed by Uncle David and Grandpa, dreaming of sky lanterns and shooting stars, I'm sure.
On Sunday, it was back to the 'burg to shower Shylah and Baby Cayden.
The hostesses (professionals, I might add), used a very fitting Purdue theme for our Boiler baby to be.
We were treated to several delicious tailgate treats, including these adorable s'mores in individual jars. So cute!
Shylah opened many useful gifts...
in front of a sweet audience of little girls.
A fancy bathtub...
and a Purdue onesie...
with his name and Drew Brees' number on the back. Or Cayden's year of birth. I guess that works too. :)
Shylah posed with her mom,
and with her mom and sister-in-law, Avery.
With Cayden's Granny and Nana...
and with his Stewart aunts.
They are so excited to meet him!!
It was a great party (again, they're professionals), and we are so grateful for the love shown to Shylah and Cayden (and David, of course) by Janet, Erica, Ruthann, and Becky.
We can't wait to meet Cayden John!

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