Sunday, December 13, 2009

And Friends are Friends Forever

On Saturday evening, we were blessed to share a meal with Dave and Jamalyn and their sweet children, Margaret and Nathan. They will be moving soon from Milroy to Indianapolis to a new home and a new church. Joining us for dinner were Jim and Jere, David and Shylah, Jennifer and Dustin, and Adam.

Nathan was sporting his neat new haircut, and was thoroughly enjoying the dining experience. He declined the high chair, and was glad to sit (and stand) on a big chair with the group.

I'm thinking he'll be popular with the ladies... just look at that smile.

Margaret was not so interested in eating dinner, but was having a great time playing with the nativity set. I heard her say, "Mary, time to wake up."

While Margaret is not much of a meat eater, it appears that Nathan fits right in with the Stewart group. He found the t-bone to be quite tasty, and attacked it the best way.... cave man style. :)

Mmmmm..... so good!

I think I'll start calling him T-Bone.

He shared with Daddy Dave. What a good boy.

He even saved room to share some peppermint ice cream dessert with Mom Jamalyn.

It tastes so much better with a little on your hands and face.

Dave and Jamalyn brought me a beautiful plate with a saying to remind us of the special times we share with friends and family.

God sure knew what he was doing when He brought Jamalyn to GUMC. We immediately fell in love with her sense of humor, her energy, her practical faith, and her compassion. Dave and Jamalyn are pastors with the gift of making everyone feel like family. Our connection has included so many special shared experiences.... book club, climbing out of Haiti in a hurricane, marrying David and Shylah, Margaret's visits to the farm, Purdue games, and texting my bff. I am so excited for their new opportunity, and I know St. Luke's will be blessed, just as we have been.

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Lisa said...

That was so sweet, Susan! Tugging @ my heart strings. Hope you'll come see us all in Indy! :)