Thursday, December 31, 2009

a kid at kidscommons

Matthew and I visited kidscommons in Columbus yesterday, along with lots of other grandparents and grandchildren. I guess it was the place to be on a snowy day during Christmas vacation. There are lots of things to do there, and it was a fun place to spend a few hours. Matthew enjoyed the activity table with magnet sets and other neat things with which to build.

He spent some time shooting hoops...

and working the pedals with his hands.

The bubble room was very cool.

He tried hard to put himself inside a bubble. Almost there!

His favorite part is the ExploraHouse, with the world famous giant toilet. Here he is climbing in.

Getting set.

And down he goes. It even makes a flushing sound. No water though, which is fortunate. It ends with a slide that takes you downstairs in the house. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies where kids can climb, and they can even go up the chimney to the attic. He made a friend, and I spent a good bit of time wondering where he was!

It is a neat little museum, and all the kids were having a great time. There is a climbing wall, built to look like the front of the building, which was a very popular activity. They were getting ready to lead an art project just as we were leaving, which looked like fun as well. With one more trip down the toilet, we left a fun place that was not too "draining" on either the nerves or the budget. :)

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