Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

We gathered at Nana and Boomie's house on Christmas eve eve to share pizza and family time. Ted, Evan, and Dara came, as well as Michael and Jenny, Jenny's mom Becky and her husband Mike, Andrew, Darci, and Matthew, Adam, and Jonathan (last to arrive). Along with Jim and Jere', and Jim and Susan, it made a full house.

Jim, Andrew, and Matthew tried out a new game we found at a little toy shop in New Orleans called Jishaku. There are 18 strong magnets, and the object is to take turns placing them in the foam without allowing them to "grab" another magnet. It's harder than it looks!

Jim puts his magnet down.

Then it is Andrew's turn. Be careful!

Ted brought the awesome book he made in honor of Evan's soccer team. It is a journey through the Zionsville Eagles' State Championship season, complete with stats, photos, and color commentary. Of course, Evan is the star of the book, and it is a truly special keepsake commemorating a very special season.

Boomie and Nana received their own copy, and Boomie was eager to take a look.

Matthew especially enjoyed hearing Evan's take on the book, complete with "unwritten" additions to the story. I think Evan had a new best friend that night.

Nana has been doing some shopping at the hospital gift shop this year (since she seems to like visiting there), and found this cute puppy named Roffle. That is just what he does... rolls on the floor laughing... get it... rofl. :) It was quite entertaining, and what a laugh.

Michael was eager to give a gift to Matthew, but first Matthew had to sit on the chair, put his finger on his nose, put a finger in his nose..... before he got his present. That's enough Michael.

The bulldozer Lego set was "just what I needed" according to Matthew. He was thrilled with it, and stay tuned to see the finished product. Matthew is very good at Legos. Of course he is.

Michael received a belated birthday gift. As seen on TV, the ShamWow! I'm sure he will find a multitude of uses for the whole supply.

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