Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Saints played the Patriots on Monday night. Just in case you missed it, I have included a highlight video here. It was maybe the awesomest game I've ever watched (except for the ones featuring my own children, of course). Is awesomest a word?? Well it should be.

I was nervous about the game all day, and settled in to watch it in the basement by myself (Jim was at a meeting) with my Saints t-shirt and my beads on. On the couch for the first Saints drive: field goal. Patriots first drive: long possession ending in a touchdown. Saints ball: punt. MOVE TO FUTON. Patriots ball: Brady throws interception. Pretty much Saints game from that point. No more moving necessary!

When we were in New Orleans, we found a great children's clothing store that had some neat shirts for kids. Here is what the tag says:

Of course, I had to get one for a special little boy, and here he is modeling his shirt.

I have heard Drew Brees and Sean Payton use the word "special" to describe their team this year. In fact, after the Patriots game, when Coach Payton was asked about the performance of his quarterback, he said "he was special." Yes he is.

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