Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full Boxes, Full Tummies

After a busy day packing at Dave and Jamalyn's, I thought I would get Jim to take me to El Reparo for dinner. Dave and Jamalyn planned to have a picnic with the kids as a sort of "last supper" at their home in Milroy. When they realized, however, that they had very little food left in the house, and that the dishes and utensils were all packed, they decided to join us at El Reparo. Ruthann met us there with the kids, and we had a great dinner and enjoyed good food, good drink, and good friends.

Nathan was a hungry boy, refreshed from his 3 hour nap at Ruthann's, and ready to dig in to the chips and salsa.

Margaret and Jamalyn discussed strategy for chip eating, and Margaret quickly discovered that the salsa was HOT!

Dave and Nathan share a secret.

Nathan loved the cheese dip, and dug in with both hands. YUM-MEE!

Who needs chips for the cheese?

After dinner, Margaret waited for her daddy to bring the car around. She looked so pretty in her red coat. Just like Belle.

The moving van will come today to pick up those full boxes and take them to their new home in Indianapolis where they will be welcomed by a new congretation at St. Luke's UMC. We hope to visit soon as they unpack boxes and memories to fill the "green house"" and make it their home.

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