Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Haleigh

On Friday, we went to Louisville to visit Andrew and Darci, take Matthew down, deliver some baby items, and help paint the room in anticipation of Haleigh's arrival. Also on Friday, we celebrated the arrival of Fritz Charles, born to Darci's sister Molly and her husband Nick.

We got to work quickly, covering the yellow paint with a nice shade of white. Here is the room, with one coat done on Friday night.

Here is Andrew on Saturday morning, working on the second coat.

This is Jim's Saturday morning pose. He says he's in management.

Andrew fills the pan with paint.

And surveys his work to check for missed spots.

Jim and Matthew worked on Legos while the painting was going on. This was good, since on Friday night Matthew's shirt got a little too close to the paint.

We finished up the painting, cleaned up, and went over to Baptist Hospital East for a tour of the labor and delivery area. We learned about the accommodations for mothers and babies, and then got an opportunity to see some of the rooms and areas for visitors. We were thankful to be able to tag along on the tour, and get a preview of the place where Haleigh will be born.
Matthew was getting hungry by the time we were done at the hospital, and was anxious to eat some lunch. He chose BBC, where he ordered his favorite, chicken fingers with buffalo sauce.

He had some time to do a little coloring while we waited for our food.

Most of the folks at BBC were there to watch the UK vs. UNC basketball game. Andrew was even sporting a UK shirt to show his support. I just hope Haleigh knows she's a Boiler and not a Wildcat!! UK did end up winning the game, so it was a happy day in Kentucky.

Andrew does have his own mug at BBC. Thankfully, it supports his Purdue roots. :)

Jim and Matthew enjoyed watching the game together.

And for dessert...... one of my favorites, Graeter's Ice Cream.

Andrew tries butter pecan in a waffle cone.

Matthew had his favorite, cookie dough. He thinks it should be everyone's favorite because it is sooooo good!

And I chose one of the special holiday sundaes, named for each of the original 8 reindeer. Mine was Cupid's Kiss. Peppermint ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, pecans, and a cherry. Heaven!

After dessert, it was back to work to get the crib put together. Here, Jim and Andrew contemplate the best way to proceed. Since they borrowed the crib from Matt and Shelley, there were no instructions to facilitate the process.

The men think that power tools make a job easier, but it was actually Darci's location of two small allen wrenches that did the trick.

A little trial and error, a little patience, and the crib is assembled. It's beginning to look like a baby's room! It was so much fun to help with the painting and with the crib, and to share in the preparations for a new little one.

And from the looks of this beautiful wreath on their front door, it's also beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

After a big day of cinnamon rolls, coloring, Legos, making treat bags for his class at school, touring the hospital, lunch at BBC, and dessert at Graeter's, one little boy is plum tuckered out. He was happy to get the chance to take a snooze. One of the perks of being 5. Of course Grandpa got a little snooze too.... I guess that's one of the perks of being 5-0!

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