Monday, August 2, 2010

Back Roads and Silly Bands

A pretty sunset, and an evening drive to the lake last Thursday. Matthew got to come with us to spend the night.

We stopped here, at Eddie's Pizza on our way, to have a quick supper.

Matthew thought he might like to try the pinball machine.

So Grandpa gave him a few quarters and a little instruction.

Then (of course) it was Grandpa's turn.

Grandpa won a free game, so Matthew got to try it one more time.

When the food came, Matthew didn't want HIS picture taken, but he showed me his breadstick.

On Friday morning, Matthew and I went to Nashville to pick up the name sign I had made at a shop there. He thought these trees made a cool tunnel over the sidewalk.

He enjoyed cranking this handle outside one of the shops.

I had seen some "silly bands" in one of the shops that were Purdue themed, so we thought we would get some. We wanted to find some UK ones for his friends Abbi and Makenna, but they didn't have them. They did have some North Carolina ones, so he got some to send to Uncle David and Aunt Shylah. Shhhh... don't tell them!

They are just rubber bands, but in different shapes that hold when you take them off. The Purdue ones had the Purdue motion P, a train, a football, helmet, and goalposts. I think the North Carolina ones are football themed too. Um, does UNC have a football team?

We were disappointed to find out that the name sign was not finished, so we stopped by the toy store on our way back to the car.

After careful deliberation, Matthew decided on a killer whale and a whale shark. He also got a small catalog with the entire collection so he can mark the ones he wants. Here, he was "swimming" them along outside the store.

On the way back to the lake, we enjoyed some of the names of the back roads in Brown County.

Back at the lake, Jim was in charge of watching Matthew for a bit, and this is what I saw from the deck. It's just a Stewart thing.

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