Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's Your Sign

I finally picked up our sign for the end of our road at the lake. I ordered it from a shop in Nashville, and I have been back two times before today to pick it up. Once it wasn't finished, and once they weren't open, but the third time's a charm, and it was ready today.

I got it from "Through the Looking Glass," a shop located in Antique Alley in Nashville, Indiana. The owners/artists, Mary Ann and Tommy, are friendly and talented, and possibly my new best friends. :) I think Jennifer and I even convinced them that their daughter should attend Purdue instead of that school in Bloomington. They were recently featured in Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. They gave me a copy.

I walked to the end of the road to hang the sign, and these two were watching me. Can you see them both? I had to hurry to take the picture before they high-tailed it away. That's what they do you know.

I think it looks pretty nice in the group of signs. I wanted the Purdue "P" to balance the IU on the other side.

When I left the shop with my sign, Tommy insisted that I take some of his organic cucumbers. Um, thank you? Now what to do with them? I think there is a recipe for fixing cucumbers in Lucy's cookbook submitted by Uncle Gilman. The final step is something like "throw them out the back door." Sounds good to me!

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