Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Swing and a Prayer

We had a great time last weekend at the lake when Andrew and Darci brought their friends Matt, Shelly, Abbi, and Makenna. They enjoyed some tubing and water skiing on Saturday, met the neighbors, and tried out their rope swing. I spent the day enjoying Haleigh, watching the girls in the water, and relaxing. In fact, I didn't take any pictures until after supper, when I got this one of Makenna introducing Jim to the fun of

Everyone slept in a bit on Sunday, and Abbi and Jim spent a little more time with Barbie.

The girls enjoyed the trampoline, and I think Makenna was practicing her ballet, or bal-la-lay, as she called it.

Shelly decided to swim a few laps across the lake, so Matt served as her spotter in the kayak.

Makenna is usually a little bit afraid of dogs, but Gumbo quickly won their hearts, and they enjoyed playing with him all weekend.

They jumped off the trampoline over and over and over....

and over again!

Abbi took a couple minutes to rest.

And they shared some fun with Mom Shelly.

Haleigh was entertained by the girls. Sorry for cutting your head off, Andrew, I was focusing on the baby!

Makenna says, "Oh yeah, oh yeah!"

They went across the lake to jump off the high dock and go down the slide. Makenna decided to hitch a ride with Drew and Darci in the paddle boat.

Daredevil Shelly jumped from the top of the railing. Andrew and Matt did it the day before. Holding hands even. But I didn't have my camera. It was sweet.

They returned to the rope swing on Sunday so I could get a few pictures. Jim passed, as he was a bit sore from a bad landing on Saturday. Hmmmm.... maybe someone is getting a little too old for the rope swing?
Andrew gets ready to go. I tried my best to get some pictures of everyone going off the swing. I call it crazy, actually. Thus, the title of this post... they did the swing, I said the prayer.

Shelly was the craziest bravest one in the group, as she was trying FLIPS off that thing.

Andrew did not try any flips.

Shelly got cheers from all the neighbors.

Matt did not try any flips either. I think he was feeling a bit sore from Saturday's tubing, skiing, swinging. Makes me sore just thinking about it.

This is part of the audience watching from the gallery.

These next four photos are in succession to show one of Shelly's flips. Yes, I'm still praying.

This one was a different turn, but I just liked the shot. That girl is fearless!

After the swinging, it was time for a little lunch.
And a little floating.

One of the neighbors was enjoying a float with her dog. Wonder if Gumbo would like that?

We ended with a snack of Star Kisses on the trampoline.

I'm not sure if there was more in their mouths or on their faces. Andrew took this just before Makenna decided to jump off the back of the trampoline without her life jacket. Fortunately, Shelly was nearby. That Makenna is fearless! Are you surprised??

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