Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Ducky

Jennifer and I got to spend a couple of days at the lake this week, and her roommate, Janelle, joined us as well. While the girls were out for a boat ride, this family of ducks came right into the boat slip. It might be because I was feeding them Cheez-Its.

We fed them some more when the girls got back. They even came back while we were floating. I guess they thought Jennifer was a friendly face. And an easy snack!

We went to the cute Farmhouse Cafe for dinner, and had a nice meal there. No, we did not have duck.

The girls posed for a couple pictures.

We were laughing too much to take the picture! After dinner, we went upstairs where they have gifts and antiques for sale.

I found this old fence in the garden outside. I think I might need it!

There are always pretty things to see outside the restaurant.

I found another blog post about the Farmhouse Cafe written by the Gallivanting Girl. She has lots of photos you might enjoy.

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