Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say Cheese!

Darci had our friend Sarah take some photos of Matthew and Haleigh on Friday. They did them outside, in a nice grove of trees where we could take advantage of a little shade.

Matthew got to do a little posing first while Darci got Haleigh ready.

Sarah gave him a few instructions.

And Granny even let him pose with the autographed Drew Brees football!

Sweet Haleigh is ready... but it's a little hot out here!
It took everyone to try to get the photo set up. I didn't take too many pictures myself because we were all working to try to get them to smile. Now THAT would have been the picture!

Matthew was worn out! All that smiling was hard work.

He did save one little smile for me.

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Sarah said...

Good pix Susan! Thanks for being nice and not taking any bad pix of me!;) Sometimes you have to have an "akward" stance to get the perfect photo. I just posted a couple pix from the day on my blog!