Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grandma Celebrates Ninety-One-Derful Years

Jim's mom, born March 1, 1920, celebrated her 91st birthday today. She's also Mom to Barbara, Carol, Janet, and Paul, Grandma to 15, and Great-Grandma to 13.

We had a nice group for lunch to help with the celebration.

Shayne celebrated the day with a new tooth, her first. She's hoping that means she can have cake.

We gathered around the table for a lunch of tomato soup, mac & cheese,

fruit and bread.

And of course, chocolate chip cake. Our favorite.

Grandma was ready to blow out her candles.

Happy Birthday, dear Grandma...

Happy Birthday to you!

From this side it looks like it could be 19 instead of 91.

Our group for lunch included Neal (all the way from NYC), Steve, Jessica and Shayne, Elizabeth, Janet, Grandpa, Grandma, and Carter.

Carter tried out a cute clown cupcake.

Shayne's enjoying the party.

Jennifer and Bryan didn't make it for lunch, but came for a birthday visit. And cake, of course.
You can see Grandma's stack of birthday cards at the lower left of the picture. I think reading them might keep her busy for a few hours. Or days. And she'll enjoy each one.

And so Grandpa wouldn't feel left out, we posed with him as well.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!
We love you!

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Sarah said...

love the new blog look Susan. Mel loves your playlist. She always dances when I am looking at your blog. Have a great day!