Monday, March 7, 2011

Gumbo Goes Downtown

When Jim and I were in New Orleans in September, we were walking through the French Market and saw this book in a toy store window. Since we have a Gumbo of our own, we thought we definitely needed this book. And, I'm pretty much a sucker for children's books. Good thing I have grandchildren now, so I can continue buy books every now and then. Gumbo Goes Downtown is a sweet story about a dog named Gumbo, who lives in New Orleans. One day, he leaves his yard and follows the streetcar tracks down St. Charles Avenue to the French Quarter. There he meets a cast of colorful canine characters, visits Jackson Square and the riverfront, and ultimitely discovers that the adventure of running away can't compare with the love and security of home sweet home.

Our Gumbo didn't run away to the French Quarter, but he did have an adventure of sorts - a trip to the vet.

Here he is, ready to hop out of the car. And yes, he really needs a haircut. He'll get one at the doggie resort, Dogs All Day, while we're on vacation in a couple of weeks.

Inside, he patiently waited his turn.

Dr. Sweet gave a listen to his breathing and heartbeat.

She also checked him for heartworm, checked his tears, and gave him three shots. Despite the poking and prodding, he just kept wagging his little tail. He is such a great dog.

After he was done, he was still his happy, friendly self, waiting patiently while I paid the bill.

Then it was time to head back home, where little dogs like Gumbo belong.

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