Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Went East, One Went West...

This has been a couple weeks of travel for our family.

Adam went to Florida with his buddies for spring break. He didn't share any pictures with me yet.

Jennifer and Bryan went to North Carolina to visit David and Shylah, so David and Jennifer could run a half marathon together.

Jennifer and Bryan went to the coast one day while they were there.

Jonathan went to Chicago to watch the Boilers play. This was the view from his hotel.

Here is the greatest ever, outside the United Center.

And here is the view from their seats. Unfortunately the MJ aura was not with the Boilers, and home they went. There's always next year.

Gumbo went to Dogs All Day to hang out with his friends there. They take such good care of him.

The rest of us headed to our favorite little slice of paradise, Grand Cayman.

Here is Haleigh in the airport ready to go.

I think she's showing off her new shoes.

Matthew is ready for the beach too.

Ahhh, the view from our condo.

Haleigh loves the beach,

and the sand.

Matthew decided to dig a hole.

He tried out his beach football.

The wind made it hard to keep your hat on.

The cutest little sandy bottom.

Matthew and Andrew tried a little football together.

The play call.

Get set.

The handoff.

Haleigh watches.

Haleigh loves the water with her mommy, Darci.

After a big afternoon on the beach, we were ready to watch our first sunset of the week.

Nana and Boomie ready for the sunset.

Grandpa and Matthew.

Haleigh and her daddy.

Big orange ball...

sinkin' in the water.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

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