Friday, March 11, 2011

Shuttle Snack

Matthew and I decided to try a space shuttle snack after school today. He keeps close track of the NASA shuttle program, and actually went to see the launch back in November. Unfortunately, the launch was delayed, and he did not get to see it live. He was able to watch the launch just recently, but it was on TV. Not nearly as much fun.

Here are the supplies we used to make our snack.

He used the paper pattern to cut a shuttle shape out of bread.

Then he spread peanut butter on the celery "boosters."

This was to hold the boosters to the carrot "fuel tank."

Then he spread peanut butter on the "shuttle" bread.

And put it on top of the booster/tank veggies.

Ready for take off!

On the launch pad.

And now, it's time to eat it!

Good thing you don't need front teeth to eat peanut butter on bread!