Sunday, March 27, 2011


The beach fun continues...

Here is Haleigh asking her mommy to please take her in the water.

Then she asked her daddy to please toss her in the air.

Now this makes Granny (me) and Nana (my mom), a little nervous, but Haleigh laughs and squeals in delight.

More, Daddy, more!

Meanwhile, Matthew was building a T-rex skeleton using sand molds I purchased at Fat Brain Toys.

Haleigh is good at waving to friends on the beach. Glad they're finished with the high flying act!

Matthew, of course, wants to do some more rock skipping.

Later, Matthew and Andrew do a little sand farming. They built bins and plowed fields with nice straight rows.

We gathered for another sunset. Lots of clouds for this one, to finish up a slightly cloudy day.

The sun sets over the Cayman sand farm.

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