Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boilermaker Blowout!

Saturday was our first Boilermaker tailgate of the year, since we opted to enjoy the first game from the lake over Labor Day, and the second game was in Houston vs. Rice (we won't talk about that one).

We were up bright and early, heading north for the noon kickoff.
Matthew was ready for the tailgate breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit, donuts, and monkey bread in a jar. The grownups enjoyed mimosas, as well.

Haleigh enjoyed some blueberries.

Ella was attending her first Purdue game. And aren't those babylegs about the cutest things ever?

A sweet family photo of Andrew, Darci, Haleigh, Matthew, and Ella. All ready to Boiler Up!

Uncle Adam and Matthew.

Sweet Baby Ella. Don't you just want to sqeeze her?

Darci and Andrew.


Alli and Adam. We need to do something about that red sweatshirt.

Granny and the grands. Priceless.

Aunt Fer and Haleigh. To clarify, Jennifer has never been called "Jenny", and it was during high school that she got the nickname "Fer" as in Jenni"fer". Her brothers are the only ones that really use it anymore, but "Aunt Fer" has kind of stuck.

Happy girls.

Matthew joins the picture.

Jennifer and Bryan. We have managed to bring him to the black and gold side.

Andrew was getting Ella set in the front pack for the walk to the stadium. Trying to hide his head behind the baby.

All set to go. If he had a dollar for every person that commented on the cute baby, he could have taken us all to dinner. I must say I agree with them, don't you?

Adam and Alli posed for me at halftime. Lookin' good in her new shirt!

I like the new flags they were using. They sometimes use multicolored ones, but I'm partial to the motion P, in black and gold.

The band did a little dancing during the show.

Matthew enjoyed the halftime show. It was band day, so there were bands from several high schools around the state. He wondered if Greensburg was there. Not this time...

Another cute family photo in the stands.

This was the scoreboard near the end of the third quarter. Since the game was in hand, we headed back to the tailgate lot to enjoy snacks and beverages, and grill some juicy burgers for the post game celebration. The final score was 59-0. Hopefully, the big win will be a confidence builder for the Boilers, and they'll be ready when those pesky Irish come to town on October 1! Boiler Up!

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