Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim!

Someone had a birthday today.

It's this little boy. He's about nine months old in this picture. Don't you love the laundry hanging in the background?

He's about two in this picture. And that bell he's standing beside? Hangs on a post by our back gate. Funny thing is, it was resting on our back sidewalk until last summer when we finally got a new post for it. I guess it was resting on the sidewalk 50 years ago too.

Three years old, all dressed up with a smile on his face.

And here he is, five years old, ready to go to school with his big brother and sister on their last day before summer vacation. I guess they allowed such things back then. He's standing at our front door. It is interesting to think about living in the same house as both a child and an adult. Besides his years at college, and our first three years of marriage, Jim has lived in this house his entire life. And it's a very, very, very fine house. We have a new door now, and a new porch, but it's still the same house. It is hard to believe we have lived here for 27 years already! But now I'm getting off topic, which is...
Happy Birthday Jim!

To celebrate, we went to dinner at our favorite, El Reparo.

Haleigh sat on the floor while we waited for our table.

Matthew hung with Big Jon.

That Big Jon is pretty entertaining.

Of course, we started out with the always yummy chips and salsa.

Big Jon and Matthew managed to smile for the camera. (Without any unnecessary gestures. Thanks Jon!)

Mmmmm.... margarita.

And Jim even got to pose with the silly sombrero. Be careful what you don't wish for!

Singing and clapping all around.

Haleigh was not at all sure about the silly sombrero.

Jim and Matthew shared the fried ice cream.

And Matthew finished off the evening with a cool touch of lime.
Jim posted this on his Facebook page this morning, in anticipation of the celebration of the day:
"I'm having lunch with Mom & Dad to realize I have the potential to be really old, not just old. I'm playing golf with Jon later in afternoon to dream of being young and hitting the ball like he does, not that I ever have. I'm having dinner at El Reparo with many of my family to cherish and give thanks for all of God's blessings and for the precious present of life, good health, friends and family. It is a great day."

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