Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rollin' on the River

We headed to Covington, Kentucky over the weekend for a Stewart Seeds meeting. The lobby of the hotel was beautiful,

and there was a wedding going on there, as well. I took a quick picture from the hallway above the atrium while they were taking photos. I am keyed in on weddings these days, since we are busy planning for Jennifer and Bryan's in April.

Our group spent the evening on a dinner cruise aboard the Belle of Cincinnati.

Jim was busy welcoming everyone at the entrance. Kind of like Julie the cruise director (name that tv show).

Though the weather started out a bit chilly and cloudy, it turned out to be a very pleasant evening on the Ohio River.

Looking across to Cincinnati, you can see the Great American Ballpark, home of the Reds.

And Paul Brown Stadium, where the Cincinnati Bengals play. We enjoyed a very cold day there last winter watching our Saints pull out a victory, thanks to the skill and savvy of my favorite quarterback. :)

The sun sets over the stadium through the window of the dining room.

Jim did a little talking.

And we enjoyed a tasty buffet dinner.

With pie.

After dinner we enjoyed some time outside on the deck of the boat, watching the river go by.

I'm not very good at nighttime photos. I know I really need a tripod. And a place to stand that's not a moving boat. And better photography skills. (Or skilz, as my friend Taylor likes to say.)

This bridge is really cool. I'm sure there's some history to it.

I did not take time to look it up, but please feel free to share if you know the story of the bridge.

Very pretty.

We all got a kick out of the sign on the bus, that identified the group as Stewart Feeds, instead of Stewart Seeds. Feeds, seeds, whatever it takes.

This guy was parked back at the hotel when we got off the bus. I had a little visit with him as he waited patiently to give someone a carriage ride around town.

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