Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our Labor Weekend started last Thursday when I picked up David and Shylah at the airport, stopped at the bridal shop to get Shy fitted for her bridesmaid dress, shared a quick dinner with Jennifer (and a slightly annoying waitress), and headed for the lake.

We had a house full of fun, with all 5 kids & their wives, fiance, girlfriend, grandkids, friends Kyle and Kristin, Shy's brother Joe, my brother Ted, his daughter and friend, Nana and Boomie, and the dogs. God is good.

I have to admit, I did a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad job taking pictures during the weekend. Sometimes mom, granny, floating, reading, hugging, laughing, eating, chilin' time just can't be interrupted to take pictures.

We did a lot of this.
Which made the 100 degree record temperatures a little more bearable. In fact, it was perfect weather for floating.

On Saturday, Jim cooked the traditional tailgate breakfast in anticipation of Purdue vs. Middle Tennessee State University.
 sausage, and bacon.
The boys were busy checking their phones before the start of the game. We watched some of it on tv before switching to the radio so we could head outside.
We were thankful we had decided to enjoy the game from here...
instead of from here. Did I mention it was 100 degrees??
This is Haleigh's happy face after the big win! (Which was by the skin of our teeth, I'd say.)
 To celebrate the victory, we headed out on the pontoon for a sunset cruise.
 Kyle and Shylah with Matthew and Haleigh.
 David, Ella, and Kristin.
 Joe, Kyle, and Matthew.
 Andrew entertained us with a little dancing.
 Something about fingers through the hair?
 Matthew and his new BFF.
 Big kids and little kids enjoyed the new watermat.

 Surfin' USA.
Matthew and Aunt Jennifer used the Bananagram tiles to make a puzzle with the names of everyone at the lakehouse. It was harder than you might think!
 Adam and Alli "accidentally" wearing matching shirts. Isn't that cute?
It's always nice to end the day by gathering around the fire.
 Marshmallows roasting...
 quiet conversation...
a great weekend.
So blessed.

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