Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heads Carolina II

On Friday, we headed to North Carolina to pack up David and Shylah and move them to Ohio. We got a bit later start than we had planned (hard to believe, I know), so it was mid morning when we crossed the Ohio River.

Although some of us wanted to stop for breakfast, we made our first stop for gas and a quick lunch at Subway. The driver rules. We also needed to charge up our computer and purchase an inverter to plug in to on the road. First world problems, you know. We saw gas priced from 3.69 to 4.20 on the way.

Another bridge.

My traveling companions. Jonathan...


and Shylah's dad, Don. And yes, they all had their computers out during the trip.

Another bridge.

Jon was busy trying to resolve shipping issues for Stewart Seeds. The warm weather has made all the farmers ready to have their seed delivered right now.

West Virginia state capitol building in Charleston, WV.

Fortunately, we had blue skies most of the way. It really is a pretty drive.

Toll booth on the West Virginia turnpike.

It is always fun to go through a tunnel, and to think about what it took to build it. Sure beats going over the mountain..

This photo is for my friend Sarah.

Another tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, dirty windshield and all.

Coming out of the tunnel.

A railroad bridge.

Finally in North Carolina! Jonathan decided he will take a picture of me every time I take a picture of him. He might start his own blog called Hahaha.

Beautiful mountains.

Jon says that's Pilot Mountain there in the distance.

He says it got its name because it was used as a landmark to guide settlers on their journey. Amazing what you can learn from your phone while you're driving through the mountains. I also looked it up, and learned that the Saura Indians knew the mountain as Jomeokee, or 'Pilot' or 'Great Guide.' The town of Pilot Mountain is home to Pilot Mountain State Park, and is best recognized as 'Mt. Pilot' from the Andy Griffith Show. You are welcome for that interesting fun fact.

When we got to Durham, we met David and Shylah for dinner at, where else, B-dubs. Their favorite.

Probably their last time at this one for a while! Luckily, they have B-dubs in Dayton.

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